Training Centers

In order for a technical intern trainee to live a safe and healthy life in Japan and acquire industrial skills properly, it is extremely important for him/her to be able to understand Japanese. He/she might have to worry about problems alone due to difficulties in communicating with Japanese personnel at the accepting organizations.

Then, a technical intern trainee will live in Japan for a maximum of three years. Therefore, he/she needs to know the rules for living in Japan in advance. It is important to understand Japanese traffic regulations including rules when you ride a bicycle, because the number of traffic accidents has increased in recent years. It is also recommended that you learn how to use public transport systems, how to make an international call, how to do shopping, how to put out garbage, how to use banks and post offices.

We have three Japanese Language Training Centers to train the candidates Japanese Language, Japanese business manners, rules for living in Japan and Japanese traffic regulations.

Center I No.(21/23), 5F(A),
U Tun Lin Chan Street, Hledan, Kamayut Tsp., Yangon
Tel: +959254922110

Center II kyoshin No. 315 (B), Thitsar Road, Ward 9,
South Okkalarpa Tsp., Yangon
Tel: +959254922440